Reidspeed is a Australian company based in Melbourne Victoria, we have a combined 65 years experience in the  precision engineering industry and have always had  a deep passion for cars, motorcycles and anything loud and fun.

We have always made parts for friends and our own projects,  so the decision to start our own company manufacturing products was a simple one.

Being consistantly dissapointed with the poor quality  parts flooding the market, we felt people would  appreciate buying products from a company in Australia that actually uses the products they make and sell.

The fact that we machine all the parts in our products on our own CNC machines means we control the quality all the way from design, to prototyping through to testing.

Reidspeed has lots of new products under way, we will keep you up to date here on our web page. Also lots of pictures and info will be updated to the Reidspeed facebook page which you can access via the facebook icon in the top right hand corner of this screen. You can also find our instagram page @reidspeedaus

Thanks for stopping by to check out our products and if you see us at a show make sure you come over and say g’day.

Cheers Daniel Reid.